Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dayton Hamvention2016 Stroll

About one month ago I went to Dayton Hamvention2016 in Ohio from my country. Now I'll show you some parts of there.

After I purchased the ticket, entering into HARA ARENA.

At the ICOM AMERICA booth. Mr.Max welcomed us.

At the booth of KENWOOD. A new handheld digital transceiver D-STAR built in was displayed.

The transmission band and the reception band of the new rig(the product name not released yet) are same as those of TH-F6A. It also has SSB/CW demodulator. Recording function is also available. Band A/B can be selected for recording and it records on micro SD card. Both A and B simultaneously cannot be recorded. In addition, it works as GPS logger and the log data can be stored in the micro SD card.

"For more information, please wait until this year's(2016) Hamfair held in Tokyo Japan." A Kenwood booth's technical staff said.

At the YAESU booth. We could get in touch with new rig FT-891.

At the booth of Wireless Holdings. DV4 mobile, DV4 mini U/V and so on was being displayed.

At the MFJ booth. They were selling some goods they produced.

At WHISTLER booth. New scanners TRX-1 and TRX-2 were displayed to say nothing of WS1088 and WS1098.

I found some nice SDR transceivers to compete(maybe) with ICOM IC-7300. Those does not be found in Japan.

Next I moved to the outdoor booths.

We could not go through all of them within 1day. This was quite larger than any other ham festivals such as KANHAM in Osaka, Japan. Some rare items were also found but I do not show them here because they might give Japanese ham people much impact, I think.

This is the overview of Hamvention2016. The real ham festival is much impressive than that held in Japan. I've got lots of experience.

By the way, I brought my BCD436HP made by Uniden America from my country to the Hamvention place.

It is natural most functions that BCD436HP has does not work in Japan but does perfectly in the US. I was going out nosebleed because much stimulus came with me.

The recorded audio files here became my souvenirs. Would back to the US again!