Friday, May 20, 2016

DJ-FX45/FX446 and NX-20X/20R

Just found DJ-FX45 and DJ-FX446 released by Alinco USA last year(2015) and have a question.
(Alinco DJ-FX446) 

(Alinco DJ-FX446)

 F.R.C. Japan has released NX-20X in 2014 and NX-20R in 2016(maybe). It is natural I wonder what the difference between Alinco's and the other's is.

NX-20X is the product name. It comes with a pair of transceivers and the accessories. Both black and red are available.

NX-20R adds NX-20X and Repeater channel access function, not a pair, only 1set. The color is only black.

These 2models are customized for Japan, not suitable for FRS or PMR.

Let's check details of DJ-FX45, DJ-FX446, NX-20X and NX-20R;

NX-20 series have 76-90MHz FM radio receiver and Stop Watch function. Alinco HTs has ..... we may use the Stop Watch if we press M key 10times. And we may receive FM radio as NX-20X's instruction says if we press M key 11times. That's fantastic if they are activating!

DJ-FX45 and DJ-FX446 has a mini-USB port of each. NX-20X and NX-20R has a micro-USB port. That means these Alinco HTs are compatible with ERW-8 programming cable. On the other hand F.R.C. products may be compatible with most of all smartphone chargers, not fit Alinco ERW-8.

Except channel and RF power settings, each specification is almost same. We can get to know these radios must be produced in the same factory or by the same manufacturer.

Waterproof? No. Shockproof? No. If we get more tough and more strong, we select more expensive HTs. The attractiveness of DJ-FX45, DJ-FX446, NX-20X and NX-20R is slim, lightweight and cheap. That's it!

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