Friday, July 15, 2016

Panasonic RF-2800 5Bands Radio

I got a new radio at a real shop near my house by chance.

Panasonic/National PROCEED 2800 or RF-2800 that resembles DR29. The receiving coverage is MW(525-1605kHz)/SW(3.2-30MHz) with BFO for SSB/CW and FM(76-90MHz). No SYNC detector supplied because of an old receiver. This is a Japan version.

RF-2800 radio was made over 40years ago(at present, in 2016). This used model tends not to fail generally. My RF-2800 got today works perfectly though there are some scratches around the radio. No critical damages including the telescopic antenna found. The frequency counter does too. Only the FM analogue frequency display is slightly shifted. For Japan model, digital display does not work(properly) when operating MW/FM.

As the speaker is big, the sound is very nice. Bass and Treble volumes work well. I assume base guitar sound can be played mostly. High frequency sound seems to be played up to 10kHz.

The fine tuning function is also available. Sensitivity is perfect. FM, MW and SW of all exceed my expectation. It also has bulb backlight built in, very cool at the dark place. The look is powerful. Touching and operating, to say nothing of, I have an appreciation of.....oh WONDERFUL!

The big radio like Eton Satellit 750(Tecsun S-2000) makes me start a fever after I met the RF-2800. Want to try to get more and more radios.

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