Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Whistler announced digital scanners TRX-1&TRX-2

As announced at Hamvention2016, TRX-1 and TRX-2 will be released by Whister Group.

<> TRX-1 - Radio Scanner - Whistler Group Inc

<> TRX-2 - Radio Scanner - Whistler Group Inc


A new handheld digital scanner. The appearance is not same as WS1080 and WS1088 because "Case and 2 colord inserts(Green and Gray)" are equipped with that are included. When put off them, the look is same as WS1088.

Internally,"The Whistler TRX-1 is a handheld digital scanner capable of DMR and Motorola TRBO." as described. As mentioned here on May 17, 2016, "Motorola P25 Phase I, X2-TDMA, Phase II and DMR" "Hytera XPT", "MotoTRBO™ Capacity Plus", "MotoTRBO™ Connect Plus", "MotoTRBO™ Linked Cap Plus systems" (unencrypted channels/systems only) can be heard. Plus, they say " the TRX-1 and TRX-2 will include NXDN as a FREE upgrade when available."  I also heard WS1080 and WS1088 cannot be upgraded at the Hamvention.

The price is about $650, that is $50 higher than WS1088. It means the value $50 is available of DMR and NXDN (will be supported) and the cases supplied.


A new base/mobile digital scanner. The appearance is almost same as WS1098. The differences between WS1098 and TRX-2 are same as those between WS1088 and TRX-1 as above. TRX-2 looks like an internal upgraded WS1098.

The price is about $730, also $50 expensive like TRX-1 than WS1098.

BCD436HP and BCD536HP from Uniden America can also upgrade DMR decoder for $50 and NXDN format not announced yet.
TRX-1/TRX-2 seem to be superior to BCD436HP/BCD536HP so far.

Whistler said they would release on the market on June 2016 but currently not released yet. Universal Radio says "they will be released on August". We(I) must wait until they are available. By the way, why Whistler change the products name WS**** into TRX-* ? Why not WS1089/WS1099 ?  The suffix of "TRX-" reminds me of CQ Publishing(Japan)'s SDR transceiver DIY kit TRX-305A/TRX-305B(here). It costs about $2000 of total.

I already built the kit and have one of course. And now my TRX-305 is in my garage next to JUNK box of course! May pick up here someday.

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