Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Executive Satellit Shortwave Radio Debut from Eton

Eton has announced to release new shortwave radios Executive Satellit and Executive Traveler.

+ Executive Satellit - Eton

+ Executive Traveler - Eton

The Executive Satellit has updated for frequency range, body color and a supplied accessory.

The new Satellit can receive VHF DAB from 174.928 - 239.2MHz(international version only). The new Satellit colors silver, not black. And the new Satellit has a brown leather case instead of a shoulder go-bag.

The Executive Traveler also adds a DAB receiver for international version. Body color and the supplied accessory are almost same as the Executive Satellit.

So how will the black Satellit and the black Traveler III be? The answer seems to be discontinued. Eton product page says that colors of the Traveler III and the Satellit are now silver only, which indicates that Eton starts selling upgraded Satellit and Traveler III.

Although appearances of the "Executive" "Silver" models are not identical to "Black" we own, are there any internal differences? Is Sync detector improved? Higher sensitivity? Quicker response to audio on LW-SW? Lower audio distortion at low volume?

The Executive series are in production before selling. We can check more information on Many questions are to solved when available.

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