Saturday, January 7, 2017

Ohm Electric released Cardboard Radio RAD-T170N

Ohm Electric, a Japanese distributor of some electric appliances, has released and started selling a radio made of cardboard.

+ AudioComm Cardboard Radio [product code]07-8689 | Ohm Electric (Japanese)

AudioComm is name of a brand which is labeled on the Ohm Electric product. Description of the cardboard radio RAD-T170N on the site says "An innovative radio made 'from' cardboard" in Japanese.

The RAD-T170N cardboard radio has FM/AM bands. The power is 3 x AA and lasts up to 55-57 hours. The size is 8.66"(W) x 5.51"(H) x 2.46"(D) ( 22(W) x 14(H) x 6.25(D) cm ) and the weight is 0.432 lbs / 6.91 oz / 196 grams.

The receiver has 530-1605kHz of AM and 76-95MHz of FM. The circuit seems to be powered by DSP because of too short battery life. The frequency step also seems to be customized for Japan.

To exchange batteries, release the rear cover made of cardboard. The battery box, tuning dial, power/volume knob, band selector and telescopic antenna are not made of cardboard.

If you put a cup of tea / coffee / wine, you will store smell of what you put on surface of the RAD-T170N, which is one of the memory function. If the cardboard radio had DC IN jack and caught in fire, we could use the burning radio as a heating appliance.

Pro. will be disposable (needless to say). We can throw the cardboard radio into fire and make use of firework with radio. As batteries will be exploded in the fire, we will be able to have a fun to the firework with radio programs.

Okay, price of the RAD-T170N is about $20. If you enjoy characteristics of cardboard, the RAD-T170N radio would be best.

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