Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Alinco releases full-TRIPLEX transceiver DJ-P300

A low-power two way radio with triplex/duplex communication features is released by Alinco.

+ Full-triplex/duplex low-power transceiver DJ-P300 - Alinco (Japanese)

Alinco DJ-P300

DJ-P300 is successor of the DJ-P25 full-duplex low-power radio.

The DJ-P300, which is only for Japan market, is first full-triplex transceiver without external repeater/controller/mixer and so on. It has IP67 and works only 2AA batteries or optional EBP-60 Lithium Ion battery pack. There are some communication mode such as full-triplex with three radios, full-duplex with two radios, simplex, full-duplex self-repeaters (the one of two), simplex with time-out penalty reduction mode, full-duplex with time-out penalty reduction mode and free channel full-duplex mode. There is no semi-duplex mode and semi-duplex self-repeater mode. With 1mW (ultra low power) mode, continuous full-triplex talk is available. Variable voice scrambler is also equipped with the DJ-P300.
DJ-P300, left side

Procedure of use of the full-triplex mode is as follows;
1) first person calls other transceiver(s). Transceiver that the first person has  is worked as a repeater / a mixer and a controller
2) second person press PTT (full-duplex mode)
3) last person press PTT (full-triplex mode)

I don't know how it works at the end of first person's talk. It might be cut talking between the second and the third when the radio that the first person has shuts down.
DJ-P300s on optional chargers

Other features is same as DJ-R200D excluding semi-duplex mode and semi-duplex self-repeater mode. The appearance is same as DJ-R200D too.

Price is about $441 without tax. The DJ-P300 is available soon within this week (by February 24th) in Japan. If you want to experience the FULL-TRIPLEX mode without any external repeaters, you have to get three DJ-P300s that cost over $1300 of total.

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