Friday, March 24, 2017

Uniden America releases CB Radio BearTracker885

A new concept radio is being released from Uniden.

+ BearTracker 885 - Uniden America

Uniden BearTracker 885

The Bear Tracker 885 is successor of the BearTracker 880. The new Bear Tracker has additional new features such as digital scanner and SD card slot unlike previous CB radios.

Appearance of the BearTracker 885 is very similar to BearTracker 880. Many features that the BearTracker880 has are built in the BearTracker 885. The noise-cancelling microphone supplied is too. But there is a SD card slot that other CBs not equipped on the upper side of the front panel.

Uniden BearTrackr 885

BearTracker885 can be operated not only a 40 Channels CB radio but also Digital and Conventional (Police, Fire, EMS, DOT) Scanner with BearTracker Warning System -- Legal alternative to Radar Detectors. Plus, the BearTracker885 is built on GPS to automatically select nearby scanner channels to monitor like BCD536HP.

Uniden BearTracker 885 back

Recording function? Close call? CTCSS/DCS rapid decoder? We will get details soon though the instruction manual has not been released yet.

I'm pleased with hearing the new two-in-one radio.

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