Saturday, April 1, 2017

Maldoll Releases LASER GP Antenna SVT-2

New concept GP antenna is released from Hoxchin.

Hoxchin non physical antenna element SVT-2, prototype

The Hoxchin, which is well-known to release Maldoll antennas, SVT-2 is a ultra-wide band non-radials GP antenna that covers from MF to 1GHz without any physical antenna elements.

Element of the SVT-2 uses Wavemotion Dielectric LASER (green beam on the photo as above), which is developed by Hoxchin and a LASER Lab. in Pachistantan of an Eastern country. Beam of the Wavemotion Dielectric LASER works as an antenna for radios unlike conventional antennas with metal materials.

The Wavemotion Dielectric LASER alters part of density and length of the LASER beam and synchronizes with radio wave from/to your transceivers very fast. When transmitting, the Wavemotion Dielectric LASER resonates a frequency as an oscillator that is oscillated from positive feedback loop and then radiates from the internal LASER Diode directly. When receiving, radio wave from the air synchronizes with current length of the LASER. The Wavemotion Dielectric LASER fully covers from 1.5MHz to 1GHz not only transmitting but receiving.

Maximum length of the LASER is up to 330 Ft, which means half length of the radio wave on 1.5MHz lowest frequency.

Body of the SVT-2 is equipped with latest FPGA and DSP which enable it to make available at air pollutions conditions, strong windy and so on. Even on the strong windy day, there is the least impact affected to the SVT-2 because of no physical element. SWR always ensures less than 1.1.

Moreover, the SVT-2 can change 1000 times of the TRX frequency per second. When your receiver runs on scanning mode, length of the LASER (antenna) of the SVT-2 quickly follows up the receiver frequencies 1000 channels of max per second, which provides us the best transmission or reception performance every time.
As the SVT-2 has no mechanical switches such as relays and so on, it gives us silent amateur operations even overnight contest.

If you have two SVT-2, fading effect can be reduced sufficiently. We can choose two colors of the LASER that works as an antenna element. The following picture is an example of outdoor operations by hands with two SVT-2 but it cannot demonstrate the best performance for the SVT-2s.
Example of operating HF bands with two SVT-2s by hands (not recommended)

Please do not play STAR WARS, Ninja and so on with the SVT-2s. Hoxchin does not expect the usages.

The Hoxchin (Maldoll) SVT-2 will be available by this year. The price is $14400 MSRP. Although the SVT-2 is not cheaper than any radios, would try the two SVT-2s to reduce fading effects on HF. The SVT-2 will be most compact, lightest weight antenna in the HF category, thus, we will be able to operate HF bands much easier than usual.

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