Sunday, April 9, 2017

Uniden UBCD3600XLT on sale around the EU countries

A Uniden scanner UBCD-3600XLT is now available in the EU region.

+ Uniden UBCD3600XLT in 2017 - Transmission1

Uniden UBCD3600XLT Digital Scanner

UNIDEN UBCD3600XLT which is similar to BCD436HP seems successor of UBCD3500XLT, EU version of BCD396XT. The appearance quite resembles BCD436HP.

The UBCD3600XLT includes DMR and EDACS Provoice by default without any upgrades. The frequency coverage is 25-512/806-960/1240-1300MHz, not same as the BCD436HP. Supplied accessories are not same. The UBCD3600XLT supplies USB Connection Cable and an AC Adapter.

As dedicated ZIP-Code Database from to setup UBCD3600XLT at ease is not currently available, users need to input and customize databases manually. I managed to obtain the UBCD3600XLT Sentinel software and tried to find "Update Master HPDB" option but not found like below;
Console of UBCD3600XLT Sentinel

I also tried to update firmware for my BCD436HP with UBCD3600XLT Sentinel software. My BCD436HP was recognized by the Sentinel but a Time-out Error was occurred. Firmware of the UBCD3600XLT may differ from BCD436HPs;
Time-out Error at updating firmware to BCD436HP

Next, I tried to import HPE files for BCDx36HP Sentinel software into UBCD3600XLT Sentinel. The result was OK;

If the imported HPE files that BCDx36HP Sentinel had already created indicate outband of the receiver coverage of the UBCD3600XLT, the UBCD3600XLT Sentinel may display some errors.

Price of the new UBCD3600XLT is 499EURO, about $530-540 excluding TAX and so on. There is no official information about UBCD3600XLT because Uniden seems to have no EU sales/support chains directly and also seems no official website for the EU customers.

Some scanner enthusiasts have already got the UBCD3600XLT. Would look into differences between UBCD3600XLT and BCD436HP some day.

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