Monday, April 3, 2017

Alinco releases DMR Radios DJ-AXD1 and DJ-AXD4

Alinco has released new single band handheld two-way radios.
Alinco DJ-AXD1(left), DJ-AXD4(right) DMRs

+ DJ-AXD1, DJ-AXD4 Digital/Analog Transceiver –


The DJ-AXD1 is a Digital/Analog radio that operates on VHF single band. Size of the radio is 2.52”W X 4.72”H X 1.5”D. The weight is approximately 11.29lbs with a 2000mAh Li-ion battery pack EBP-100. The Digital mode is DMR TierI and TierII.

Appearance of the DJ-AXD1 is;
- Full Dot-matrix and full keyboard with white backlit
- RF power output : 5/1W selectable
- Text messages
- Scan functions
- IP67

No 0.2Watt, 2.5Watt power output select, no 64ch/zone on DMR operation, no Digital Recorder etc. The function of the DJ-MD40, a UHF DMR/Analog radio is better than that of the DJ-AXD1.

Top of the DJ-AXD1 has antenna connector, red emergency call button, dial, volume and TX/RX LED indicator. The AF output is up to 1W of maximum. Optional battery pack is not same as that for DJ-MD40.


A UHF Digital/Analog radio, same appearance as DJ-AXD4 excepting front LCD panel and so on.

Available date of these radio DJ-AXD1 and DJ-AXD4 will be by the end of this year (2017) as DJ-MD40 released end of the last year. The price is about $200 MSRP. We will get more information in Xenia Hamvention 2017.

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