Monday, April 24, 2017

Function differences & Impression : BCD436HP vs UBCD3600XLT

As I have said before, we check differences between Uniden BCD436HP and the UBCD3600XLT. Additionally, I will show the first operating impression for the UBCD3600XLT. The firmware version of my BCD436HP is 1.11.17 and of my UBCD3600XLT is 1.00.01.
Uniden UBCD3600XLT

“Manage Full Database” and “WX Operation” BCD436HP has were removed.


Set Your Location
“Enter Zip Code” and “Auto Locate” were removed.
Setting of “Set Range” can be selected from some preset items, whereas the BCD436HP can be set manually not having preset items.
BCD436HP Set Your Location
UBCD3600XLT Set Your Location

“Upgrade” option was removed.
BCD436HP Settings
UBCD3600XLT Settings

Settings > Band Defaults
Band Configuration of the UBCD3600XLT was divided into 28 while that of the BCD436HP was 27.
BCD436HP Band Default1/4
UBCD3600XLT Band Default1/4

BCD436HP Band Default2/4
UBCD3600XLT Band Default2/4

BCD436HP Band Default3/4
UBCD3600XLT Band Default3/4

BCD436HP Band Default4/4
UBCD3600XLT Band Default4/4

Srch/CloCall Opt
“Repeater Find” was removed.
BCD436HP Srch/CloCall Opt
UBCD3600XLT Srch/CloCall Opt

Srch/CloCall Opt > Broadcast Screen
Preset bands were removed. Only 10 bands can be preset by users.
BCD436HP Set Each Band
UBCD3600XLT Set Each Band

The label on the UBCD3600XLT says “POWER REQUIREMENT : 5V DC 1000mA”. The BCD436HP tells 5V DC 500mA. As far as I see the instructions of the BCD436HP and the UBCD3600XLT, receiver sensitivities of the UBCD3600XLT is lower than that of the BCD436HP and Close call sensitivity of the UBCD3600XLT is totally higher than that of BCD436HP. Perhaps, there are some modifications in the UBCD3600XLT. If it is true, battery would last only half of the BCD436HP.

As the instruction manual mentioned, receiver coverage of the UBCD3600XLT is 25-512MHz, 806-960MHz and 1240-1300MHz, which is narrower than BCD436HP (758-805.995MHz not covered with). I have succeeded to import a HPE file that I am using on the BCD436HP into UBCD3600XLT Sentinel software. Although DMR Tier III and EDACS PROVOICE seem to be equipped with the UBCD3600XLT by default without any expense, SYSTEMs that include out of the reception frequencies that has been preset are fully ignored by the UBCD3600XLT even if there are some frequency that can be heard in the SYSTEM . For instance, if a SYSTEM includes more than one 770MHz frequencies that cannot be heard on the UBCD3600XLT and more than one 144MHz that can be heard both BCD436HP and UBCD3600XLT, the SYSTEM is not recognized by the UBCD3600XLT itself (the SYSTEM name not displayed at all). But frequencies not received by the UBCD3600XLT can be input on the UBCD3600XLT Sentinel software (Version 1.00 revision 00).
UBCD3600XLT Sentinel software at outband SYSTEM imported

What I want the UBCD3600XLT to equip with is dPMR/NXDN/D-CR capabilities. I doubt why the UBCD3600XLT for the Euro market does not have dPMR digital mode.

The UBCD3600XLT is mostly identical to the upgraded BCD436HP. If you are in the US and have improved BCD436HPs, the UBCD3600XLT may not be attractive. If Uniden makes more effort to develop digital scanners to add much more digital mode with codecs, the ICOM IC-R30 might be disappeared.
Uniden UBCD3600XLT digital scanner

Will check sensitivity of the UBCD3600XLT and other differences from the BCD436HP.

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