Thursday, June 22, 2017

What do you imagine for new AIWA?

Recently AIWA brand has been obtained by Towada Audio, a communication equipments manufacturer placed in Akita Japan.

Towada Audio is one of the well known manufacture as most of the products are made for SONY. Many well-known radios such as ICF-SW7600GR, ICF-EX5mk2, ICF-801, ICF-SW22(discontinued), ICF-SW77(discontinued), ICF-SW55(discontinued), ICF-SW1(discontinued), ICF-SW100(discontinued), ICF-SW07(discontinued), ICF-J1 and ICF-J40 also seem to be engineered or/and manufactured by Towada Audio.

The new AIWA corporation has already been established in Tokyo this year (2017). The announcement said that though planning and conducting products are done in the Tokyo office, products are manufactured in China. Release date of the products will be this Autumn (2017).

So what do you have image for AIWA? I imagine that AIWA produces higher quality and innovative value than the price tag.

New AIWA has planned to release 4K UHD TV, bluetooth audios, record players and boomboxes. Now let's check the boomboxes which include a CD/SD/USB/Bluetooth radio recorder/player, a CD boombox and a CD/SD/USB/Bluetooth radio player like below;

I used to see some similar pictures for the upper left one.
...oh there!
Almost same shape! This CD/SD/USB radio has already been sold around the world excepting Japan, not new.

From the pictures, it merely seems only to be rebranded Chinese products and I doubt what new AIWA is. Better sound or better features? I think neither. There is no originality.

If the new AIWA sells only relabeled Chinese TV and audio products without sufficient effort, she will be beaten by other products and ceased soon. What on earth is the purpose of resuming AIWA?


  1. I'd like to see them bring out some new shortwave radios & wide band communications receivers. Maybe also bro g back done of the beloved models they previously made.

    1. Agree. I remember one of the best shortwave radio WR-D1000. So WR-1000mkII LW/MW/SW/FM with air craft band receiver like a legend ICF-2010 equipped high speed scan may be better at first. Thanks, Aunt.