Thursday, October 6, 2016

Book:Signal Processing of Full Digital Radios

Got a new Japanese textbook.

- Signal Processing of Full Digital Radios - CQ Publishing (Japanese)

This textbook is mainly for engineers who wants to understand how to implement digital processing transceivers. Many numerical formula, equations are explained with Japanese language. As I hate Math, I had a headache when I continued to understand the matters.

This textbook also describes details of TRX-305 transceiver that CQ Publishing released in 2014, which was developed by AOR. This provides DSP programming way to us because a DSP programming framework is attached. That's a great fun of me.

Yes, I own the TRX-305 so I may be able to understand the TRX-305's system more and more. That is a nice book for fans of the TRX-305 even though written in Japanese.

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