Sunday, October 16, 2016

SkySensor Appears on an Anime Program

A SkySensor produced by SONY appears on a new Japanese Animation that has started in October(2016). Here's the promotion video;

This round is obviously the shape of SW band spread dial that has SkySensor 5900 (ICF-5900) 2nd model that is used to take the world by storm.

Title of the animation is "Occultic;Nine".The main character "Yuta Gamon" pops up the antenna and powers up the ICF-5900 on the preview of "Occultic;Nine".

This will make many (ever) BCL or SWL enthusiasts smirk, won't be?

The author of "Occultic;Nine" is Chiyomaru Shikura born in 1970s that was in the middle of the BCL/SWL fad. He must have been absorbed in the BCL/SWL.

We'll enjoy how the ICF-5900 is linked with the story in the next episode. There're some scenes that operates amateur radios on Japanese drama "Amachan" or Japanese anime movies such as "Ponyo", "Kimi no na wa 2016" but no BCL/SWL radio on them I think.

I own the ICF-5900 but this is a 1st model that differs from the 2nd model.

As you know, though the ICF-5900 is discontinued and now expensive, available some antique radio shops, recycled-goods shops, garage sales and on ebay. You see, as the ICF-5900 is produced 40 years ago, it is possible we may get SkySensors that is lack of parts, junks or has stains and so on even if we find. But we should check the details of SkySensor 5900 not to draw an unlucky.

Unfortunately, no current models equipped with popped-up antenna, SW Band Spread Dial with Marker that attracts us around the world in 2016. SONY ICF-EX5MK2 seems a similar model because it has cool retro solid design, solid mechanical switches and MW linear scale tuning window.

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