Monday, October 3, 2016

Roadstar HRA-1550USMP Arrived and...

New Radio has come to my small home. Here is the Retro Hi-Fi SYSTEM HRA-1550USMP.

It has CD player, USB/SD player and four band radio. Let's plug into an AC wall.

Oh, cannot be fit. Wait, if some plug adapters attached,

Maybe OK. Hmm, but in turn the radio does not work though turns on.

Look, only gloomy green LED in the tuning window seemed to be turned on.

AC voltage and frequency may not be suitable for my country. I will disassemble and modify.

Now wanna ask you some questions.

The Roadstar HRA-1550USMP seems bigger than my MINI UZI airsoft. Why?

The Roadstar HRA-1550USMP seems much bigger than my Walther P-38 airsoft. Why?

Width of the Roadstar HRA-1550USMP seems almost same as length of my M870 BREACHER shot g...

hey, we'll need be serious.

I could put not only CQ Publishing TRX-305 HF transceivers made by AOR, AR-DV1 receiver but also YUPITERU receivers MVT-9000MK2 and MVT-7100 on the HRA-1550USMP. Why?

My mistake, far bigger than expected. Online pictures did not tell me the actual size. I should have checked the size of HRA-1550USMP. That's my regret.

As the HRA-1550USMP does not work at present, the radio works only as my small desk.

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