Sunday, November 13, 2016

Slight Repair for SONY ICF-6500

Today I have got a used radio ICF-6500.

This radio was produced by SONY in early 1980s. It covers 530-1605kHz, 3.9-10MHz, 11.7-28MHz and 76-90MHz for Japan model.

The ICF-6500 has LCD Frequency counter, fine tuning mode only to pull the tuning knob, analog tuning meter, small bulb backlit, BFO, tone control and AM sensitivity selector.

It requires 6xC batteries or external 9V power via DC IN jack(center minus type). Why 9V? I assume that it is because the frequency counter is built in the radio. The Panasonic/National PROCEED RF-2800 is so too.

When I checked my ICF-6500, the FM receiver did not work properly. Only "10.7" was displayed on the frequency counter and no sound from the speaker. The 10.7MHz seems 1st FM IF frequency. Then, I opened my ICF-6500 and looked into the inside.

As a result, I found that a mechanical switch caused the problem.

The problem has been ceased soon by some scrap of adhesive tape as below.

The FM receiver function of my ICF-6500 has been resumed. This was just slight repair without soldering for me.

The ICF-6500 is still high sensitivity. When I compared to a current high sensitivity model, SONY ICF-EX5MK2, the ICF-6500 seems superior to ICF-EX5MK2 especially on FM, impressive.

Sound of my ICF-6500 is very mild, not Hi-Fi even if the TONE control is set up to max. That voice of the speaker reminds me of an attractive 1980s.

I have been aware of another effect. On FM band, the counter display is now 0.1MHz out of the actual frequency. I will look for how to adjust and will fix it someday.

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