Friday, December 9, 2016

[Update]Photos of IC-R8600 in ICOM Amateur Radio Festival 2016

Today is December 10th 2016. Now I'm visiting ICOM Amateur Radio Festival in Osaka Japan and taking some pictures of new desktop communications receiver IC-R8600. The IC-R8600 is under developing and may update some features.

Here we go!

S-meter settings;

Step select;

VFO mode, when An Airband communication is just receiving;

After FUNCTION button pressed;

Network settings. We might be able to control the IC-R8600 via smartphones and laptops etc,.

Digital mode settings. DCR means Digital Convenience Radio, one of Japanese Digital Radio Standards.

The spectrum scope is so smooth like IC-7300.

The weight of IC-R8600 seems about 4~5lbs(2~3kg), which looks lighter than expected.

The dial is a little clicky, not very smooth like IC-7300.
[Update 12/10/2016] After a few hours I touched, there was no clicky feeling at all.

I heard the sound using my earphones for music. The WFM sound is not Hi-Fi but is alike AOR AR8000, AR8200, Yupiteru MVT-7100, MVT-7200 and MVT-9000. When listening AM radio with widest filter setting, high tone sound can be played. That's a nice feature.

[Update 12/10/2016] Two kinds of tone control settings(bass and treble) of each receiving mode can be customized by user. For instance, the center of bass frequency for WFM is about 200Hz and the center of treble frequency is about 8kHz from my experience. That's nice for my listening.

Release date of the IC-R8600 will be next Spring in 2017. The price has not been revealed officially yet.

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