Friday, December 9, 2016

[Updated]Photos of IC-7610 in ICOM Amateur Radio Festival 2016

New Desktop HF/50MHz radio IC-7610 is also being displayed in ICOM Amateur Radio Festival 2016 in Osaka Japan at ICOM head office. Here are some pictures of the IC-7610.

The IC-7610 is a new middle class radio between IC-7300 and IC-7851, which will be successor of IC-7600. The touch screen display is larger than IC-7300. The waterfall display is also smooth as IC-7300. When dual receive mode, the water fall display is also smooth. The main screen information can also be displayed on a large TV screen. The frame rate seems about 30fps, which is same as main touch screen the IC-7610 has.

AF knobs and so on are made of plastic but they look like metal. Only the main dial seems to be made of aluminum.

[Update 12/10/2016JST]
According to a presentation, the IC-7610 will be much superior to IC-7600 such as receiver selectivity and sensitivity and will be a little better than IC-7300. Phase noise of the transmitter will be also lower as the following picture;
The IC-7610 has double TRXs whose ability will be better than IC-7300.

Release date of the IC-7610 will be begin of next summer (in 2017). The price is not opened officially yet.

[Update 12/10/2016JST]
Unofficially, some OMs claimed "400000yen (about $4500) MSRP will be acceptable.".


  1. Thank you. Is there any way to get a larger size photo? I'd like to see more detail on the front and back panels. 73, Ken W8ASA

    1. Hi Ken, 2nd-4th photos updated. You can see larger photos.
      The presentation said that the rear panel currently has two BNC for "IN/OUT for RX-ANT", one "BNC for X-VERTER", one BNC for "10MHz Reference IN", one "Ext display(DVI digital)", two "USB connectors", "Ethernet", "Main external speaker output" and "Sub external speaker". It also has two antenna connectors and other connectors for CW and so on. Might be changed in the future. 73

  2. Glad to see a normal size CW speed knob (K-3 envy). Hope there is a 3.5mm Headphone and 2 1/4" Key jack in the rear. It is hard to adjust the knobs on the left when plugs are inserted. Price? Maybe I can afford the Flex 6500 and Maestro. Will the CI-V interface listen to VFO B? That Black a chrome style...?
    Steve WA8Y

  3. Hi Steve, good point. ICOM seems to compete against FlexRadio(counterattack for ads by Flex in Hamvention 2016 maybe???). An ICOM staff mentioned about it. Some Japanese love FlexRadio.
    The black color of the prototype IC-7610 looked painted. We will get details and the target price at the first Xenia Hamvention because I could not hear what you want to know there. Thanks for your comment.