Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Matsuzaki's Japan Great Boombox Exhibition 2016

Last Sunday I visited Dai Radi-Casse Ten held at Ikebukuro Tokyo. Dai means Great, Radi-Casse means an abbreviation of the Japanese word of boomboxes and Ten explains exhibition in Japanese, not a number of "10".

There are about 100 boomboxes at the Ikebukuro Great Boombox Exhibition. The planner is Junichi Matsuzaki, a Japanese famous collector who collects many consumer electronics. He especially tends to gather boomboxes around the world. And part of his 100 collections are displayed here.

Let's check it!

This is the Japnese first boombox, AIWA TPR-101 produced in 1968.

These are basic boomboxes produced in 1970s - 1980s.

Next, we see Casual Booth;

At Distinctive booth;

This is one of the most unique boombox. We don't know who produced. This is called UFO SOUND.

At Big Boomboxes Booth;

The National/Panasonic RX-7700 stereo boombox covers 1.8-28MHz on Short Wave band. It has recording volume and balance knobs.

The AIWA J88 has feather touch operation, big stereo V/U meters, PLL synthesized stereo receiver with big stereo speakers.

At High-functioned Booth;

The Toshiba ACTAS 2800 is also nice shape that has short wave receiver and supplied external microphone with a mixer.

The SHARP CT-6001 is built on CRT TV.

The Toshiba T-4100 looks massive.

At Touch & Try Booth, we can listen the cassette sound with vintage boomboxes.

Cassette Towers is worth watching too.

December 18th 2016 was a special day. He speaked history of the boomboxes and the attraction of radio cassette recorders in Japanese.

Collections of a Japanese famous artist;

The stereo micro cassette boombox is interesting.

A Panasonic portable radio cassette recorder.

If my memory serves me correctly, it cost about $450 and it has AM/FM/TV tuner. This is what I used to want to get but finally I got SONY's recording Walkman, not Panasonic.....

The cool recording Walkman WM-GX90 was a flag ship model in 90s. It was about $500.

Many many cool and unique boomboxes are showed off here. The Great Boombox Exhibition lasts until December 27th 2016 in Ikebukuro PARCO Museum in Tokyo.

And We can see new Future Boomboxes route-01 HERE.

Unfortunately, only Japanese people can make reservations for these products at present because of shipping fee, import duty, tax and so on. You may able to buy the route-01 boombox when on sale.

Matsuzaki plans to hold new boomboxes exhibition in Malaysia in 2017. Being a Malaysian, you might be able to see these nice guys in your country.

His new challenge is ongoing. For more information about him and his activities, visit his website, DUG Factory (only Japanese).

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