Saturday, December 10, 2016

ICOM releases new color versions of IC-R6

Two brilliant color versions of IC-R6 compact communications receivers are produced.

+ IC-R6 Metallic Red and Metallic Blue Color Versions - ICOM

The additional colors are metallic blue and metallic red. As the main body of the IC-R6 is composed of two plastic parts(front and back), these colored IC-R6s will be painted partly.

Other features and functions are same as the current version, only colors are different.

The colorful IC-R6s are sold on late January in 2017 in Japan. The price is 25800yen (about $300(M.S.R.P.)) + tax. Number of the quantity (only metallic red and metallic blue) is 4000 sets all over the world. Those seem limited versions.

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