Friday, August 19, 2016

ICOM adds the last silhouette of new products

As mentioned before, ICOM's official Facebook announces three new products are to be disclosed at Tokyo Ham Fair 2016 and the last picture is here;

They say "In addition to the two new shadow appearances having shown before, we have prepared the one silhouette, the third model, as the last surprise." in Japanese.

The last is also a base rig, must not be a handheld. If the first and the second radios are assumed to be scanner receivers, this may be a base transceiver. The appearance of two insulators is not trapezoid like second new base product, is square. This will be alike IC-7600 or IC-7700.

I suppose the last one is a higher class rig than IC-7300 equipped with direct sampling SDR and so on.

Then the IC-7851 is

As to the insulators, the proportion of IC-7851's to the last silhouette's is strange in case the insulators are same as those of IC-7851. That means the last product seems too big, especially the height is taller than IC-7851. If the insulators are same, the last rig will be bigger than IC-7851. The released timing is not suitable, not present because IC-7851 is the flagship model made by ICOM. The latter IC-7851 strange! I'm struggling with the mystery.

Let's review the first handheld;

The reason this must be a scanner receiver has some shapes of the root of the antenna near the connector. It resembles IC-R20.

No load coils must be built in the antenna because there seems no room to be placed into the antenna. Therefore I bet the first handheld will be a scanner receiver.

The second base rig belongs to the same category of the first handheld and the second will also be a desktop scanner receiver;

The insulators of the second rig is thinner than IC-7300 and is trapezoid like IC-7300.
The two insulators the IC-7300 have are trapezoid but much wider than those of the second new product.

 The IC-8500's are much thinner than IC-7300's. The proportion is almost same as IC-8500 too. Then the second rig will be a latter model of IC-8500.

So, again, what is the third shape? If the insulators are thinner, the rig won't hold the weight itself.

Looking around all of those desktop rigs as above, the shape of the last base rig seems close to IC-7700. In short, I think the third rig ICOM will release this year 2016 is a middle range desktop transceiver, the latter IC-7700.

The truth is revealed at Tokyo Ham Fair 2016.

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