Sunday, August 14, 2016

ICOM displays 2 new models at HamFair2016

ICOM tells two surprise is ready for visitors at Tokyo HamFair2016.

On their Japanese Facebook, one new model seems a handheld transceiver or a receiver like this;

The Facebook page is here. They says "Our this-year's surprising product will be the silhouette. This will be the next product of 'THAT'" in Japanese. I want to think this is a latter model of IC-R20 with large LCD screen, M-CELP(vocoder Mitsubishi developed) & AMBE+2 & IMBE digital codec such as BCD436HP.

The antenna base is similar to that of discontinued IC-R20.

Wait, maybe a full keypad version of ID-51 series equipped with 1.2GHz.....

OK, the next new model seems a base transceiver. The Facebook page is here.

A latter IC-7600, IC-7700?

 or an expensive receiver like IC-R9500.....

Um, the shape of the two insulators is too tiny. Perhaps the latter IC-R8500 with SDR like IC-7300!?

The Facebook page says "To tell the truth, surprising is not the one. We'll show you the first look of another new product. This will be the same genre as the previous(handheld) model"  in Japanese. So, these two models are to be whether transceivers or receivers.

Sadly, I cannot join this year's HamFair.....anyone come?.

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