Saturday, August 13, 2016

SONY ICF-5900 5Bands radio

A new radio came to me.

SONY ICF-5900 is first named as "SKYSENSOR" series in Japan. It covers MW(530-1605kHz) / SW(3.9-10/11.7-28MHz) with BFO for SSB/CW and FM(76-90MHz). This looks a first version(seller explains latter version but...). It has been more than 40 years since ICF-5900 was released in 1970s. For me, this model must be one of the vintage radio.

The sensitivity is excellent. FM and MW is especially nice. There's no variable attenuator but it has a DX/Local selector. The band select switch is dull when operating but works. If contacts of the band selector are dull, there are some cases that the radio cannot be received properly on each band. It has backlight switch but no holding on function.

IC-5900 has an excellent appearance. This model is called as a formal final analogue tuning model produced by SONY. Some skill and technique are needed at the use of SPREAD DIAL. I will be familiar with the SPREAD DIAL soon.

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