Saturday, August 20, 2016

New products at Tokyo Ham Fair 2016 - Part1

Tokyo HamFair2016 in Japan is being held now and some new products are being released there.

● ICOM Booth

> IC-R30 <

A handheld Communications Receiver next model of IC-R20.
This product is under development so the specifications, release date and the price are currently undefined. Digital mode decoders will be available.

> IC-R8600 <
Next product of IC-R8500. The brochure says “A New Generation Professional Spec Receiver IC-R8600 is born”. The main features are
+  10kHz - 3GHz with APCO P25, DMR, dPMR, D-CR for Japan, D-STAR and NXDN
+  Real time spectrum scope and waterfall display
+  Direct PC control and remote PC control function
+  4.3 inch color TFT LCD with touch screen
+  Built in SD card slot which reception sound and decoded logs can be stored into SD cards
+  External speaker with PSU(Power Source Unit) SP-39AD(optional) can be added
+  Firmware upgradable

I don’t know when IC-R8600 is available. The price will be about $2000-2500(tax not included). ICOM has replied to my expectations.

> IC-7610 <
Next of IC-7600(I think). Title of the picture is “HF base station transceiver”. Details are currently unavailable. Someone says “Dual receiving function may be built in”.


> TH-D74 <
144/430MHz Handheld DualBander. Details are already published in Japanese(here). The release date is at the end of August 2016. The price will be between $750-800(tax not included).

The main features :
+  D-STAR mode which is fully compatible with other D-STAR rigs such ICOM's (an ICOM staff said on an official streaming program)
+  GPS with Logger and Automatic Time Setting
+  Bluetooth(HSP & SPP), microSDHC and Micro-USB connections
+  IP54/55 water and dust proof of body
+  Color LCD. Blue when APRS mode and green when D-STAR mode

The receiving features :
+  0.1-524MHz wide receiving coverage  with DV/DV fast data/FM/NFM WFM/AM/SSB/CW (only Band B)
+  20Hz minimum step(only for SSB/CW/AM mode, Band B only)
+  internal bar antenna reception (0.1-10MHz, Band B only, internal/external switchable)
+  VxV, UxU, VxU dual band receiving simultaneously
+  IF filters of 2.2-3.0kHz for SSB, 0.3-2.0kHz for CW, 3.0-7.5kHz for AM
+  IF output mode via USB port(band width : 15kHz, center frequency : 12kHz)
+  Audio Equalizer, 5bands (0.4-6.4kHz) for reception and 4bands (0.4-3.2kHz) for transmission

For Band A, only 1.25meter band TRX is omitted for Japan version.

● YAESU Booth

> FT-991A <
Upgraded version of FT-991. The additional features are
+  Realtime spectrum scope, non-stop audio while displaying
+  Display color setting
+  Multi Color Waterfall display. 7 colors can be selected

If you own FT-991 series, the large scale upgrade service will be available by next month this year 2016 in Japan. The additional expense will be about $500-550 (in Japan). The official information will be published soon.

> FT-891 <

HF+50MHz mobile transceiver. Although visitors of Dayton Hamvention 2016 saw it, this is the first time to be shown in Japan.

●Alinco Booth

Have not found any new products but found a nice video.

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