Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Differences between TH-D74 and TH-D72

I have just summarized differences between KENWOOD TH-D74 and TH-D72 from these specifications on Japanese KENWOOD website.

> GENERAL differences

- TX of Band-B omitted
- RX of Band-B expanded like TH-F6
- D-STAR added
- Frequency stability upgraded
- Lower voltage of EXT power extended
- Low battery voltage level shifted upside
- GPS working current increased twice
- Smaller width and height but thicker depth
- Lighter weight

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> RECEIVER differences (without FM radio)

- SSB/CW mode added
- Triple Super Heterodyne equipped with Band-B
- Receiver coverage expanded but the sensitivity seems lower

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> RECEIVER differences (with FM radio)

- FM Broadcast Band receiver added
- 1kHz wider selectivity
- 100mW larger audio

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> TRANSMITTER differences

- Middle power(2W) mode added
- GMSK added

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> GPS differences

- Specifications of TH-D72 not mentioned on the manual but the TH-D74 published

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> Bluetooth differences

- No Bluetooth built on TH-D72 but the TH-D74 added

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We can see details of TH-D74E on KENWOOD UK website but the TH-D74A not yet on KENWOOD USA. As the TH-D74 starts selling in Japan, it will be updated soon.

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