Monday, September 19, 2016

ICOM announced a handy 351MHz D-CR IC-DPR30

A tiny digital handheld transceiver is to be released.

- Lightest & Smallest, Built in antenna and Bluetooth. Stylish Transceiver IC-DPR30 Releases | Press Release | ICOM Japan(Japanese)

The IC-DPR30 is a compact and light  weight (almost 100 grams with a normal Li-Ion battery) D-CR(Digital Convenience Radio) only for Japan market. D-CR is a standard of Japan Digital radio that uses AMBE+2 codec. The frequency is 351MHz and the channel space is 6.25kHz.

The maximum RF output is 1W and 0.5W, 0.2 or 0.1W also will be available like IC-DPR3. IC-DPR30 has IP55/54/67 dust and waterproof, bluetooth, built in antenna, selective call, scrambler  for some business uses. Also, the IC-DPR30 has additional 5 channels for sky communications only. This is an amazing event because most of the other D-CRs cannot transmit the five sky channels for the some government restrictions. This additional 5 channels will take advantage of the promotion.

As the IC-DPR30 has Bluetooth function, ICOM will release some Bluetooth options.

The release date is on Sep.24 this year(2016). Price for IC-DPR30 is about 410 dollars MSRP at present when I wrote this article(calculated $1=103Japanese Yen). I imagine the actual sale price will be near 300 dollars.

The IC-DPR30 will have four color variations and black is sold at the first time. That’s pretty good.

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