Monday, September 26, 2016

Additional Production of ID-51 PLUS II?

A handheld D-STAR transceiver ID-51 Plus 2 model is on the market in our country.

Some Ham shops in Japan have told ID-51 PLUS 2 Special Color Edition HT has almost been sold out.

Now CQ OHM, one of the largest Japanese Ham shop on the web, claimed that the factory has been producing additional ID-51 plus IIs for three colors, Cloud blue, Leaf green and Carbon red, which will be delivered late October - first November in 2016(this year).

Digicamo gray and Black seem to be current stock only in Japan.

It feels funny because ID-51 PLUS II is a limited edition of ID-51 series so the quantity is also limited, only 5000 sets all over the world. Why does ICOM produce more ID-51 PLUS 2? The CQ OHM says "Total quantity of ID-51 PLUS II which are produced won't be changed. It seems that ICOM has reassigned part of some export stocks to domestic".

In other words, the whole quantity around the world is same but stocks that are exported from the factory to the world would be decreased. Hmm..... I would not agree ICOM's policy. Perhaps this may be only an official stance and the truth may be what we expect but in fact, the total would be more plenty.

At least the ID-51A/E PLUS II Special Color Edition is supplied with OPC-2350LU data cable, then that must be valuable.

The "Color Attack" would be alike a way of Baofeng UV-5R series. The difference would be just whether the colors are printed or not, I think.

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