Thursday, September 15, 2016

ICOM released MARINE DSC Radio IC-M93D

A large LCD, GNSS such as GPS, GLONASS and navigation function are  built in new IC-M93D.

- IC-M93D | Products | Icom Inc

The IC-M93D is one of the Marine Radio. It features new 2.3" large full dot-matrix LCD, GNSS(GPS, GLONASS, QZSS and SBAS(such as D-GPS)), navigation, weather channel receiver and AquaQuake water draining like IC-M73 series.

I have never known the new 2.3" large full dot-matrix LCD equipped with ICOM radios. Even the ID-51 series has middle sized full dot-matrix LCD. I think the large LCD built on IC-M93D will be equipped with the future Communications Receiver IC-R30.

I used to come across the situation..... as if YAESU FTA-750L/FTA-550 series released before FT2DR unveiled. The body design of IC-M93D seems to be alike IC-R30.

QZSS is new standard like GPS and GLONASS. The satellite(called "Michibiki", which means something will lead to somewhere) of QZSS is operated by Japan.

IC-M93D also has DSC(Digital Selective Calling) function. This video says overview of DSC.

In addition to well-known functions for marine radios, the IC-M93D will be compatible to future VHF marine channel plan. The future is Jan 1st, 2017.

I wish IC-R30 would be equipped with the 2.3" Large full dot-matrix LCD.

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