Sunday, September 11, 2016

Eton Field with Bluetooth version

New BT Field radio selling on

The appearance of New Field radio with Bluetooth is as follows;

- BT position added, FM ST/MONO position removed

- PAIR function assigned on TIMER A button

- PLAY/PAUSE function added on TIMER B

- RDS INFO function moved from on TIMER B to on LOCK

- REW(for BT) function added on UP/HOUR button

- FF(for BT) function added on DOWN/MIN button

- Logo on the up-right top added to "BT"

Eton official product page has not released the Field built in Bluetooth yet but the Media and Assets already announced "New Bluetooth® Capability for Best Selling Field Radio" this year(2016).

The Field BT might be the answer.

Non BT Field now available $99 on, bargain price.

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