Wednesday, September 21, 2016

TOSHIBA LE releases new AM/FM Stereo Radios TY-SR55,TY-AR55

Two new radios has been released from TOSHIBA LE Trading Japan. These have stereo speakers.

- TY-SR55: AM/FM radio : TOSHIBA LE Trading Co, Ltd(Japanese)

- TY-AR55: AM/FM radio : TOSHIBA LE Trading Co, Ltd(Japanese)

The TY-SR55 is a PLL FM/AM radio that the operation lasts more than 200hours using 3C alkaline batteries. The weight is about 1.80lbs(820g) including batteries. The size is 8.66"(W)x4.72"(H)x2.17"(D) (220x120x55mm) with built in 3.15"(80mm) stereo speakers. The AF output is 1 watt of total.

The frequency range is 522-1620kHz of AM with 9kHz step, 76-108MHz of FM with 100kHz step. The AM reception is monaural only. No RDS function.

The length of the telescopic antenna seems around 30"(12cm)(max), 4.7"(70cm)(min) from the picture. It has a large LCD that displays 0.4"(1cm) height of characters(frequency) with backlit.

The buttons may not be lightened itself. The backlit turns on within 10sec and off automatically everytime the buttons are pressed by using batteries. When connected to AC, the backlit always turns on. Clock, sleep timers and so on are not available.

Each preset memory has 6stations for AM/FM, that means 12 stations can be stored. When holding on up or down buttons more than 2sec, scan function started.

The TY-SR55 also has a carryng handle, a long carrying shoulder strap. I don't see new radios with shoulder straps.

The TY-AR55 is an analog FM/AM tuning radio.

Battery lasts more than 230 hours. Reception frequency is same as TY-SR55 as above.

Other features, specifications excluding analogue tuning system are same as TY-SR55. No backlit built in the tuning window.

Battery life of the TY-AR55 is 30 hours longer than TY-SR55. Only TY-SR55 has a stereo LED lamp and low battery LCD on the front. On the other hand, TY-AR55 has a tuned LED and a low battery LED.

Though the body color of the both radios is black, speaker net of TY-SR55 is gray white. There are headphones jack and 5V DCIN on the leftside of those radios.

I think the TY-SR55/TY-AR55 has a simple design that reminds me of late 1990s such as GE SuperRadio III. Sensitivity? I do not know. The voltage of the DCIN is 5V so we might input power from USB(not tested by TOSHIBA, may occur AM noise interference).

If you are looking for a long life stereo radio with shoulder strap, the TY-SR55/TY-AR55 would be convenient of you.

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