Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Alinco announces DJ-MD40 DMR transceiver

As opened at Dayton Hamvention 2016, new DMR Radio DJ-MD40 officially released from Alinco.

The DJ-MD40 is a DMR transceiver that is 10.75oz(305g) with EBP-96 Li-ion battery pack, 2.44"W x 4.41"H x 1.81"D (6.2W x 11.2H x 4.6D cm). The DJ-MD40 supports as the following functions;

  • 400-480MHz operation
  • DMR Tier I/II
  • Analog 12.5/20/25kHz TRX
  • DMR and Analog Mixed Mode
  • 5/2.5/1/0.2W selectable RF output
  • Programmable upto 1000ch in 64ch/zone(MAX)
  • Full dot-matrix with color-selectable backlit LED
  • Built in digital recorder
  • Quick contract accesses
  • Various security passwords and alert tone features
  • Text Messages
  • IP54
  • 1000mW Audio Output
  • Other features all included at NO extra costs

The standard accessories are EA-212 whip antenna, EBP-96(7.4V 2600mAh) Li-ion battery pack, EDC-211 battery charger, EDC-212/213 AC adapter, EBC-45 belt clip and a wrist strap. The PC interface cable (optional) for DJ-MD40 seems not a serial cable, a USB cable.

Oh, now I just found a fact. Look the EA-212 antenna of DJ-MD40 from the brochure.

Here is antenna of AT-3318UVE for my experiment.

These antennas look almost same. As someone commented before, DJ-MD40 might also be developed by Anytone.

By the way, why does Alinco choose DMR? I assume DMR is a most widely used digital format in the world. On the website of Universal Radio, regular price of the DJ-MD40 is $249.95 MSRP and the sale price is about $220.

As you know, for TYT MD-390 VHF DMR two way radio is about $160 on 409shop, price of the DJ-MD40 would not be competitive. Plus MD-390 has color LCD, IP67, Voice Prompt and Encryption.TYT MD-390 seems smarter and cooler than DJ-MD40.

 I doubt that DJ-MD40 would succeed because Alinco used to fail a Japanese digital D-CR HT DJ-DPS50. The malfunctions were "voice not received at all after a long time stand-by with Battery Save Mode" and "bad reception sound quality problem". It is needless to say those problems have been fixed or improved by Alinco of course.

I do not know whether Alinco would become a competitor even if DJ-MD40 equips with 250 zones with 64 channels per zone at DMR mode.

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